Peculiar Warriors

Singing Stars By: Nina Wright

Peculiar Warriors

Athena’s owl points east,

She knows what’s wise.

Now listen to her science.

advise your blind side.

We ride the wind

Like Lady Trieu.

We don taintless footprints–

Wings, paws, cycles, shoes.

We are the atypical

And magical too.

I am Greta Thunberg.

Can you hear what I say?

Protect the world we breathe.

Take action; be brave.

We fight a noble cause,

And our differences a gift.

The winged wolf is crying

Artic thawing is too swift.

No point going to school.

Emissions must reach zero.

We are modern Joan of Arcs

Our dissidence–your heroes.

I am Greta Thunberg

look past my braids.

See the climate crisis.

Take action; feel rage.

The lonely unicorn nudges;

She can’t do all the healing.

We need cathedral thinking,

unknowing how to build the

When you politic and do not

You deny us rightful water,
fertile land.

Like Lozen and the Apache

ousted from their Black

I am Greta Thunberg

Can you hear what I say?

This is an emergency

Be rebellious and untamed.

The jackalope remains demure

yet his antlers weigh him down.

Cultivate unshaken magic

Rosa Parks, Anne Frank,


The damage deserves attention.

Our rebellion wants to lead

Tackling greenhouse gases–

Bleaching coral, rising

I am Greta Thunberg

Can you hear us when we speak?

Stop following the crowd

Take a stand.  Be unique.

Heidrun gives us drink

But the rivers will run dry.

Suffocate your consumer self;

Stop draining the supply.

We are fighting for the mother.

We are standing for the she.

Emma Gonzalez, Malala Yousafzai

Alice Walker, & AOC.

I am Greta Thunberg

A peculiar warrior

they say.

But I foresee the fragile

Can you hear me? What I say?

I am beginning to wonder.

Because you knew it yesterday.

Stand up, rebel, take action.

Be Brave.

Stand up, rebel, take action.

Feel rage.

Fight untamed.

Be unique.

Stand with me–


Be a unicorn among the sheep.

Take a knee–

a voice offbeat.

A fearless voice

Of reason.

Of dissension–

creative thinking.

Hear what we say.

Be atypical.

Be magical.

Stand up today.

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