The times we live in can feel intense, and art captures fleeting moments, which while occurring, we cannot properly scrutinize or appreciate.  An educator for over 20 years, I feel passionate about motivating others to analyze and engage in the world around them.  I graduated from Middlebury's Bread Loaf School of English with a Master of Arts degree in literature. Gripping words and phrases by great writers inspire my visual art; antithetically, there are times when the movement of the paint, the shape of the line, or the feeling from a color remind me of a memorable line or phrase.  

I picked up the paint brush eight years ago when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Art brings solace when I have chronic pain. Though still new to the art world, I have had the privilege of showing in California, Arizona, and New Mexico. I appreciate my work as an independent contractor in education, politics, and writing as those other endeavors influence the indelible marks I leave on a canvas.   

A native to Ohio, I am grateful to live in New Mexico where it is impossible not to be inspired daily.  When I am not creating, I am reading, writing, hiking, biking, doing yoga, baking or spending time with my two remarkable daughters, and heroic husband. 

Artist's Statement

Dante Gabriel Rossetti wrote that a “Sonnet is a moment’s monument.”  There are so many moments worth seizing, and the beauty in those moments often stems from a sense of potential loss. Our dynamic landscape is threatened, our basic rights are challenged, our identities are questioned. In these vulnerable times, I oil paint with a strong sense of urgency to capture the momentum, the power, and the magic in both our voiced and voiceless landscapes. 

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